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Samsung Galaxy S8 Physical Home Button | Apple Siri Speaker | HTC U 11 S...

Mondays are GREAT for tech news! Samsung had plans at one time for a physical home button on the Galaxy S8 checkout these photos! Apple is looking to compete with amazon Echo and Google Home with their own Siri Speaker due to possibly launch next month. We are only 5 months into 2017

and HTC may be about to release the phone of the year in their HTC U 11 which specs that beat every phone out right now!

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Samsung launches Galaxy S8 Bixby voice commands in Korea

Google Home $115

Apple's Siri-Based Smart Speaker Has 'Over 50% Chance' of Debuting at WWDC in June

HTC U 11 Specs Include 5.5″ QHD Display, Snapdragon 835 and 6GB RAM

Samsung patent shows what the Galaxy S8 might have looked like with a physical home button


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