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How To Install Playstation Vue on NVIDIA SHIELD TV

The Playstation Vue app currently isn't on the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Google Play Store so I've created a walk through on how to get it to work.


A mouse is needed so connect a USB or Bluetooth Mouse

1. on the NVIDIA SHIELD TV go to settings/Security & Restrictions/Turn on Unknown Sources>hit home button
2. Download ES File Explorer if you don't already have it - Open Es File Explorer

3. On left hand side expand open Favorites and on left hand side open Google
4. on the right hand side click on the search box and type apkmirror playstation vue
5. Click the apkmirror playstation vue app link (it'll be first or second search result)
6. scroll down and click download
7. open file
8. install
9. open
10. that's it just sign in and again make sure to use your mouse to use the app

in order to find the Playstation Vue app on the shield in the future
go to google play on the shield and download this app sideload launcher once installed open it and you will see ps vue app


  1. I ended up installing Playstation Vue from the Google Play Store website, a lot easier. I got tired of using the Sideload App and didn't want to use the Leanback App utility to modify ,apk files , I started using the online
    'Android TV App Launcher Builder beta' site

    I ended up buying a Roku Stick just to get the Playstation Vue profile the app kept saying it needed when trying to login.

  2. interesting - thx for this info

  3. Do you know how to get psvue on X96 android box? I can't seem to get it to work.

  4. This is an interesting question but I'm not sure that this will work. The only thing I'm sure so is that on this site are very cool ROM games And my laptop is great for fun playing in an old games.

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