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AngLink 50W 6 Port Desktop USB Charger REVIEW | USB C | QuickCharge 2 0

My newest review is for this AngLink 6-port USB Charger that also combines a Quick Charging port along with a USB Type C Charging port

AngLink 50W 6 Port Desktop USB Charger


  1. Hello Greggle: I just found ur website. Bought wife a cheap AZMN Kindle Fire (OS: 5.1.2 [542169020] ) & am very happy w/it. I mainly have it 4 her to read e-books. Many e-books come in multiple formats (as u know), so I often transfer {'sideload' is what I think u kids call process} books from my PC over USB cable to Kindle ONTO the SD card.
    BTW - I am an IDIOT, so pls be patient !!!!! Sometimes, the 'title' is just a #, & NOT the NAME or AUTHOR. Sooo, I use ES file mgr to go in & try 2 RENAME the file using ES, & go thru gyrations & at end, it says: Failed . Am I using ES incorrectly? Do u have suggestions and/or ES 'detailed' user guide ? Sorry to bother. My e-mail is: rudyrudy1862hot at hotmail dot com.

  2. I only like epub files they seem the best to work with. Then download an epub reader from google play store

    then to transfer them just email them to her on her email on the tablet and download and save them that always works for me

  3. SORRY -- from: rudyrudy1862hot at hotmail dot com. Told u I am an idiot !!! After looking more CLOSELY at screen when using ES, & going thru steps, I see that I should 'hit' the
    'command' at BOTTOM of screen; NOT at 'top left' which puts me in an endless loop !!!! So now I know howta 'rename files' !!! Ha Ha Ha SORRY, again !!! I believe I will attempt ur methodology to allow logging onto Google Play (don't know y; but who knows ? ) Thx 4 ur articles.

  4. Geeze - u have that thing plugged ito ur EAR ??? Ha Ha Ha. THX on 'e-book' stuff. I use maybe 8 different readers, incl Calibre, for yrs on Windows/other. Don't really know Android.
    So, I know howta 'translate' the 15 different file ext types to each other. Unfortunately, she barely knows where 'on' button is, which is OK. (I been CS since Army in '78 @ Cray; SQNT; HP; IBM; IFMX) and use old discarded 'smart phones' w/Windows CE (Ha Ha Ha) as portable readers, insteada any of my 15 or 18 laptops w/concomitant/requisite 3 extra batteries for plane ride > 1 hr. !!!! Just got an HP 10Z last Fall which lasts quite a while & has Win8.1 & cost <$200 !! I am amazed, however, at the excellent capability of this little [huge screen, compared to phones] $34.99 Kindle, which I set up for her !!! And FAST !!! & I store most stuff on 64G chip (even tho people say you CAN'T !! Ha Ha). I will look on Google Play; however, I have chess/math games/2000 books/movies/Redshift/mathematica/Art Museums/etc on SD cards on my Win laptops --- plenty to 'relax' with when NOT working in this crazy business !!!! THX again !!!!


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