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Mixcder 872 Bluetooth NFC Headphones REVIEW

Mixcder 872 Bluetooth NFC Headphones

  • 1.【NFC Connectivity Function】Bluetooth CSR V4.0 Stereo Headsets with NFC Connectivity Function- allows to connect your NFC-compatible devices in a fast and convenient way.
  • 2.【Touch and Swipe Control】Touch and Swipe Controls On Earpiece- Easily switch between music and sound volume(Volume / Track Forward - Backward).
  • 3.【Artificial Protein leather】Artificial Protein Leather of Earmuff with simulated to human skin texture, ensure long lasting comfort, Fashion Appearance.
  • 4.【Ultra-long Standby Time】It has 5000 hours of standby time,Up to 18 Hours of Playing and Talking Time, Operating Range Up 10 meters.
  • 5.【Mental Arm Drawing Process】Mental Arm with Wire Drawing Process, Super Durable,retractable design , super convenient to carry with.


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