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Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick FireStopper Install and Setup Guide

How to Install FireStopper

Click here to download and install file

1. On your Fire TV/Fire TV Stick download ES File Explorer

2.. If you previously had FireStarter installed you need to uninstall it - Settings/Applications/Managed Applications/FireStarter - uninstall

3.  Turn on ADB Debugging and Apps From Unknown Sources - Settings/ System/ Developer Options - turn on ADB Debugging and Apps from unknown sources

4. open ES File Explorer/ Expand open FAVORITES on the left hand side and click add/ Path type and for description type fire/ Click OK

5. on the left hand side side click fire and it will load up my website and press to the right and select the link up above/ then go to the very bottom and select more and open in browser

6. follow steps to install file


  1. nothing happens when click on link for download

  2. I use teamviewer on pc and fire stick so i can use the screen from the stick on my pc and can use a mouse its easyer than the remote.
    then in es file manager you can click the install

  3. If you can use ADB installer, then download the APK here and sideload to your fire stick.

    If you want to use the ES file approach, then just plug your fire TV stick to the TV directly...and follow the video. If you want an easier keypad, download the amazon fire TV remote on your smartphone and use the keyboard there...much easier than using the remote control that came with the device...the remote control app has complete keypad.

  4. Amazon is great these days, cause you can find there some things from the category learnsmmwithme and actually learn it and use it in real life.


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